Saturday, January 19, 2013

Piecrust Promises


(written for the kids church newsletter)

One of my favorite Disney movies as a child was Mary Poppins, which could possibly be because it is the first movie I ever remember watching on the beta tape player in my own home (how many of you remember those! I know I am dating myself there!)! Mary Poppins is a hard-core nanny, or so Michael and Jane think when she first shows up but soon they fall in love with her and after an exceptionally exciting day while being tucked in for bed, they say to her “Oh, Mary Poppins promise you will never leave us” to which she replies, in that lovely British accent, “that is a piecrust promise, easily made, easily broken.” I never understood what Mary was saying as a child but as I have continued to love the movie and watch it that phrase has become one of my favorites. I often find myself thinking it or using it with my children or in conversations. Sadly in society today to many pie crust promises are made everywhere from politics to at work, to ourselves and in the home. No one wants to hear ‘Piecrust promises.’ We were created to crave stability and consistency; it is part of that God-sized hole in our chests, (more of that at a later time.). When someone makes us a promise, especially one of significance we want them to keep their word, and we should expect the same from ourselves when we make a promise. God does not make ‘piecrust promises’. What he says He will do. This week in our Bible reading we read about Abraham, a name who is known for his faith (Hebrews 11) a man who had hope when there was no reason to hope, but he knew that God had made him a promise and he held on to that promise for a long time, 25 years actually! Because God is faithful and what He says he will do will happen. Do you or do I have that same trait? When I make a promise does it stick? What about with our kids, when we promise them something do we follow through with it, or do we get too busy or just forget about it? When I tell my daughter to clean her room and then we will play a game, do I sit down and play it? Or if it is clean your room or I will take away your Barbies, do I take them away? Sadly I have to admit that my consistency in discipline with my kids  is not always my strong point, I find myself thinking I am being too harsh or choosing to reduce the punishment or sometimes I just forget about it all together. Reading about Abraham this week has made me realize that I am not showing them the character of God in those actions. Just like I want consistency in promises, my children and your children NEED consistency in their promises, too. When I forget or change my mind or just choose to not bring it up again I am not showing them the character of a loving God who NEVER makes piecrust promises to His children. To model the heart of God to our kids we need to be faithful and consistent in our promises to them, following through with them no matter the cost or inconvenience to us. Just as God promised Abraham that He was his great reward, our children will reap the Great Reward of knowing who God is when we model it in our lives, for theirs. So are you making ‘piecrust promises’ to your kids or where your kids can see them? If so I challenge you today to start modeling God and let’s strive to be faithful like He is faithful, I mean chances are I won’t have to keep taking the Barbies away for 25 years!

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