Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to internet access!

AHHH! Back to the internet and civilization! Not that I really missed it to much it was sorta nice to be seperated from life and on a real vacation with no contact with the outside world and therefore no worries! My family just spent a week with my husbands family in the wilderness of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, a beautiful place with no modern conveniences. At least not where were at. We do have running water, sorta, with the old fashioned hand pump for the well. So I got my strength training in for the week with priming the pump and filling the jugs and the buckets everyday! I also got my workouts in with walking “the loop” while watching for bears! And even got my runs in for the C25K program with no shin splints, I am not sure if it was because it was all done on sand or the new chi-running style, but my shins were not sore regardless. So I will take it! I also spent my fair share of time kayaking on the open waters so my arms got a pretty good workout, if you have never tried kayaking backwards across a lake you should, I assure you your triceps will be on fire!!!

Now we are in Wisconsin at the dells with my family. Yesterday I ran on the treadmill for my C25K, not to bad and today I ran in the halls (which are endless) and played in the wave pool and the AWESOME ball and play area they have here at the resort. I am sure that if I could have calculated the calories burned it would have added up to several thousand! So tomorrow I may take the day off and really vacation a day at the local spa for a massage is sounding great and I think my feet and my back would thank me for it by the end of the week!

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