Monday, November 14, 2011

The biggest loser is over

So the Biggest Loser contest at work is done. I am not the winner but I do believe I won my team. The best thing about the whole contest was not that i lost weight, because really I did not lose to muchonly about 10-11 lbs, but that it has gotten me motivated. At least I think so, although you would not know it from the last 2 days of my lazy life with no exercise! But really it has gotten me motivated to get the extra pounds off. So I will continue in the weight loss until I hit that covetted goal weight, which I will share at a later date! Once I am closer to it! I also have the goal of keeping up the blogging about my weight loss and life in general. I will continue to share about my journey and hope that i can even get a few people to join in along the way.

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