Thursday, November 3, 2011

One more week to go!

My computer has been freaking out for a week now so I am once again behind!! The reason for that freak out would be that I tried to install Dragon Naturally Speaking so that I could just talk my posts and it would do all the typing for me, since my brain runs faster than my fingers but that did not seem to work out for me, instead it raised my blood pressure and my blood sugar!! And cost me a lot of time on the phone to the antivirus company!! But on the weight loss subject...I am # 10 on the Biggest Loser challenge and that is better than I thought I would be. I figure that the field will widen this week because I am guessing that the people that are in the top 10 or so will really try to kick it in to gear. I know I have been working a little harder at it this week, not that I am sure it is really helping out, but I am working atit. My hubby keeps telling me I am losing weight or at least space but "you have to remember that muscle weighs more than fat." Yeah Yeah Yeah!But I need to scales to drop not the pants size or the bra size right now! So I am hoping that this week proves better than last since the final weigh in is next week and i would love to have some $$$$ from all this effort!!

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